Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fifteen by Beverly Cleary

4 stars YF/JF

I can sum this up with one word-- cute.

In a kind of saccharine way. ;)

This super sweet love story is the kind of teenage romance I'd love for my daughter to read and enjoy one day-- but I fear that with today's society and the crap teens are fed from the media, no teen (older teen at least) is going to take this book seriously.

So I would recommend this for younger girls-- maybe the 8-12 crowd.  Maybe if we get cute simple love stories in their hands and heads early we can prevent some of the craziness of the world from getting to them.

It's cute the way Gidget is cute.  A love story from a simpler time.  One that by today's screwy standards (or maybe lack of standards?) may seem childish.  Which coincidentally is exactly what Jane does NOT want to appear.

This book also has a great message about being one's self and not basing self-image on a relationship.

All in all it was good.  The teen drama moments got a little annoying, but they were true to life, so what can you do?  :D

This book is for the Shelf Discovery Challenge and counts for the Support Your Local Library Challenge!


  1. I've never read this one for some reason. I tended to stick to the Ramona books when I read Cleary and then when I was old enough to read this, it had sort of passed me by.

  2. I actually think this could be the first Beverly Cleary book I've ever read. Isn't that nuts?

    We maybe read The Mouse and the Motorcycle as a class in elementary school, but I don't remember for sure....

  3. I just read this one too and it was very sweet. It was dated but I still think some of her experiences will resonate with today's girls. I agree that middle grade readers will appreciate this book more!

  4. Just a tiny bit dated.... like the clothes! Most girls won't even know what she's talking about! :D

  5. It is too bad the nice sweet stories will be tossed out with the morals. I'm intrigued enough to want to pick it up. Plus, I love Cleary.

  6. I know, it makes me really nervous about Boo growing up... I haven't been out of high school THAT long and things are already soooo much worse...

  7. This is one of the first "romances" I ever remember reading... and I think I was in that 8-12 age range. I remember LOVING it.

  8. Yeah, 8-12 is really probably the ideal age.
    You're the first person I've heard say they read it as a kid!

  9. :P Suey. Whatever.

    I was just thinking this is maybe a lesser known one, maybe because it's overshadowed by the Ramonas?