Tuesday, February 2, 2010

THe Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene

Okay, so while I knew that the "yellow cover" Nancy Drew's were updated some (they're still older than I am, but whatever) I totally didn't realize that at least some of the originals had been rereleased.

And so I ended up with one such original when I checked out The Secret of the Old Clock.

And honestly.... I'm not sure how much was really changed.  Now granted, it's been more than a decade certainly since I read the yellow cover version, but just given the style and tone compared to the other yellow covers I've read.... I don't see it.

Okay, yes, in the original Nancy is only 16, which as a "modern" reader did kind of bug me.  In today's world a 16 year old should still be in school and really doesn't need a convertible.  :D

And I would imagine the conversations with the black caretaker are a little different in the updated version, but really I didn't think any of that was all that racist.  Stereotyped yes, but Nancy treats him with a reasonable amount of respect.  Her irritation with his drunkenness doesn't seem to be anything she wouldn't feel towards anyone else in the same circumstances.

I'm not sure if this next part has changed in the update, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE what it says in the original--
(This is a physical description when we first meet Ada Topham, a wretched girl Nancy knew at school.)
In spite of the expensive clothes she wore, she was anything but attractive, for she was tall and slender to the point of being "skinny".

I LOVE IT!  In today's world of scary-thin models and airbrushed pictures, I love the nearly disgusted tone at the idea of being "skinny".  Hilarious.  And beautiful.

Anyway, a fun romp.

Even though it's not technically the yellow cover edition, I'm still counting this for the Nancy Drew Challenge and it was my February pick for my book club. :D


  1. I love that too! I don't think that was in the yellow cover version though.

  2. Societal perceptions of body image had probably changed enough by the time they did the yellow cover versions that it was taken out or changed. Which is really too bad.