Monday, February 1, 2010

January in Review

Books read-- 16
12 of them were JF/YF/YA and one was a novella, but hey.  :D

     Nancy Drew-- 6 read
     Take Another Chance-- nothing this month
     Support Your Local Library-- 9 read
     Support Your Local Authors-- 4 read
     Shelf Discovery Challenge-- nothing this month, though I did go through the book itself and make my list!
     Reader's Choice-- nothing this month

Virtual Book Tour books-- 1 this month

Book Club Books-- 2 this month!  I read January's (Binky the Space Cat) and February's (The Secret of the Old Clock)

All in all, not a bad month!

In other news, I'm completely insane and have decided to crochet baby J's blessing dress.  (A baby blessing being more or less the LDS equivalent of a christening.)  This is definitely the hardest pattern I've ever attempted... using the tiniest hook I've ever used.... and thin cotton thread rather than yarn...

Either it'll keep me from nesting myself out of my mind or it'll kill me.  :D

I've done 5 whole rows.  When I have something more to show, I'll take a picture and post it.


  1. You read twice as many Nancy Drew's as me. Great job this month and good luck with the dress!

  2. I've gone a bit crazy with the Nancy Drew challenge. :D I've got at least 2 more sitting here too.

    Thanks, I think I may need all the luck I can get on this dress!