Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Since I Totally Need To Join Another Challenge...

After spectacularly failing the last one...
What am I thinking? Good question.
You can find more info and sign up at Find Your Next Book Here!
Anyway, 12 challenges... in for a penny....
1- Author with the same name or initials. Couldn't find an author with the same name, searching by first name is a ridiculous venture, and people with my last name apparently mostly write really boring books. No lie.
So-- initials. Curiousity Killed the Cat Sitter by Blaize Clement (Double bonus on this one, I own it and it's on one of my Reader's Choice lists!)
2- Blogroll Roulette. I hopped over to Angieville, since she's got a huge blogroll. It did take three tries to get a devoted book blog, though. I was too lazy to wade through the author/writing/whatever posts on the first couple I got. :D
So I ended up with The Story Siren and picked The Demon's Lexicon to read. (Bonus, it was already on my list.)
3- I picked the Top 100 Mystery Books list and went with #12- The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (bonus, I own it!)
4- Award winners. I went with the Newberys since I'm trying to read lots of those anyway. Took me a while to pick one... partly because I was feeling picky. Picked One-Eyed Cat (bonus, I own it!)
5- Title Word Count. I got 5 words. Figures, right? Picked Two Little Girls in Blue (bonus, I own it!)
6- Genre list. I had a hard time here. I read pretty much anything. I decided to go with a horror since I usually avoid those-- I Am Legend which had dang well better be better than the movie was. (Bonus, it was already on my list. In fact, it's sitting right here.)
7- Prejudice. I went for Chick-Lit since I deride it. :D Holly's Inbox seemed like a good pick. (And it was on my list. I add chick-lit occasionally...)
8- Inspired. A book and the work that inspired it. Drood and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. This should count, even though it's not a rewrite. I like the idea of a book about Dickens and his last work. (Drood was on my list.)
9- Same Words. I picked the word "bones" and ended up with Bones of Betrayal and City of Bones (BOTH on my list!)
10- Review as a Character. This should be fun. I think I'm going with The Princess Bride which I have sadly never read. (And I own it!)
11- Family. I'm actually not sure on this one... thinking about Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, but I'm on the fence.
12- Anthology. Read an anthology (which I generally don't do) and then a work by an author in it that you liked. I picked Firebirds Rising... we'll see where we go from there...
So, who else is playing??
**Sorry about the lack of links, author's names, etc. My brain is still broken.

ETA-- UPDATE.  I figured out what I want to do for #11.  Greg Bear and Poul Anderson are related!  Or they were at one point.  (Anderson being Bear's father-in-law.)  Anyway, I'm saying it counts.  So I'm reading Eon Vitals and New America.


  1. It's a great list. Sounds like you've got some great books.

  2. Great list ... and you won't even have to invest that much as you have almost all the books! Can't wait to see your posts!

  3. Andrea, it's all your fault. :D

    Jenners, thanks. I was trying to do books I own... since I never seem to actually READ the ones I own... :D