Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February in Review

It's March.  How did that happen??  I mean, I know February is a short month, but dang.

Books read-- 7 wow that's sad...

3 were YF/JF or YA

Nancy Drew-- 2 read
Take Another Chance-- 1 read
Support Your Local Library-- 6 read
Support Your Local Authors-- nothing this month
Shelf Discovery Challenge-- 1 read
Reader's Choice-- 3 read (good thing too, I'm seriously behind!)

Virtual Book Tour books-- um... nope, none this month

Book Club Books-- none read this month, because I read February's in January and haven't started March's yet.

On the non-bookish front, Mister PASSED his peanut challenge!!  Halleluja!!!  No more worries for me!

In other news, Baby J's dress is done except for sewing on the buttons... at least until she makes an appearance and I decide if I need to edge the neck to make it smaller.  Her Easter dress is also done and I'm working on Boo's coordinating shirt.  Next up is Mister's coordinating vest and bowtie.  I'd better get at least one good picture of all three of them out of this.

This Wednesday officially marks the 36 week point, which means anything is fair game!n  This baby can come any time.  I'm still kind of hoping to make it to the 15th because of stuff going on that I don't want to miss, but we'll see.  If I suddenly disappear for a while, y'all know why.  :D