Monday, March 1, 2010

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama

3.5 stars

This book was cute.  There's not a ton of plot, but it was a fun read.

I have only 2 complaints-- one is that the language was sometimes jarring.  For the most part dialogue is in a more formal English, but then randomly you'll get more informal, more "American" stuff that seems totally out of place.  It was a little distracting.

Two, I wanted more!  I came away really feeling like the surface was just skimmed through the whole book.  Aruna and the Alis are great, but they didn't feel fully explored to me.  And random clients came and went without you ever really finding out what happened to them, which was kind of sad.

Overall it was a good one, though.  Really light and just cute.  :D

This is a Reader's Choice book and counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge!


  1. Sounds like a fluffy fun read. Those can be good for a little palette cleanser so to speak.

  2. Palette cleanser is a really good way of putting it!