Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig

5 Stars
nonfiction-- autobiographical
YA (can you call it YA if it's nonfiction?) or maybe even younger

Esther was 10 when the soldiers came, accusing her family of being capitalists and loading them onto a train headed for Siberian exile.

Interestingly enough-- they were Jews.  But the Russians got to them before the Germans did.  As bad a Siberia was, it wasn't a concentration camp.

Esther's story of Siberia was really interesting.  I wish it were longer, though.  I'm curious as to how they managed to rebuild after finally being allowed to return to Poland when Esther was about 15.

Highly recommended.  Very interesting and not as graphic or hard to read as, say Anne Frank's Diary.  (Not that I ever finished that one... I got bored.  Isn't that terrible?)  I think younger readers would get a lot out of this one.

I read this one for the Shelf Discovery Challenge and it counts for the Support Your Local Library Challenge!


  1. Sounds right up my alley. I'll check it out..

  2. You really should-- it's so good!