Saturday, April 10, 2010

Readathon-- Hour 2 Mini Challenge

Kick Off of Champions!

What's my kick off strategy?  I actually did have one.... sort of.  Settled myself on the couch with everything in easy reach so I could nurse the baby and not interrupt my reading. 

Hospital mug full of cold water? Check.

Granola bars?  Check check.

Book? Check.

Baby?  lol check!

I decided to start a bit early... 11 last night.  I've only managed about 5 hours of reading though.  Apparently the "I'm not getting any sleep anyway so I may as well stay up and read" idea wasn't really sound.....  kept dozing off.  Go figure.

How's everybody else doing?


  1. Is it dark or light?
    Reading through all the hours
    Be sure to have fun

    Haiku #6 inspired by Dawn @ She Is Too Fond of Books

  2. Good thing you got the baby:) Sounds like you are set and hope you are enjoying your reading.

  3. "A story to me means a plot where there is some surprise. Because that is how life is-full of surprises", by Isaac Bashevis Singer. I hope your day is full of surprises!!! Happy Reading!

  4. Hope things go well with your reading! Maybe you can let the baby choose your next book :)

  5. An early start? Wow that's amazing! Keep on going and enjoy the readathon! I am rooting for you!

    Readathon Cheerleader :D

  6. Reading with a baby is a huge undertaking! Good luck to you!

  7. Thanks for the cheers!!

    Reading with a baby isn't bad as long as I can hold the book in one hand! lol