Sunday, April 11, 2010

Readathon-- Wrapup

Well, my 24 hour mark has come and gone... I think I slept through it. lol

Started Endless Steppe like I planned, but didn't get very far and hence didn't pick up a Nancy Drew either!

SO.... final stats.

Spent about 12 hours reading.  Maybe a bit more.  Not too shabby.

Finished 3 books (one that I had started already) and started a fourth.  Not terrible, but I'm a little bummed because I can usually read faster than that.  And I've managed more books in a day before, so it feels very anticlimactic.

Blogging time-- about 2 hours.  Did very few mini challenges and commented on other blogs very very little.  I can't seem to do both the reading and the commenting!

HUGE THANKS to the cheerleaders!  You're awesome!!

GOOD LUCK to everyone still reading!

I'm going to bed!


  1. hahaha WOW Britt! For me that is ALOT of reading! . . . Lucky! hahaha I love to read and I read alot, but I don't read super fast hahaha congrats though on the readathon! :D PS~ I still love my bookmarks! hahaha