Monday, May 17, 2010

The Karma Club by Jessica Brody

4 stars
R- 1.5
ARC from publisher for review

Cute story, quick read, and a pretty good message to boot.

Not bad for a YA novel, right? :D

Maddy K is out to bring the world back into balance.  That's what Karma is about, right?

So she and her friends are going to punish those that have hurt them, thereby restoring balance to the universe.

Or so she thinks.... but is that really how all this Karma stuff works?

While Maddy and her friends are annoying at times, they're annoying in a true-to-life, these-characters-are-just-like-real-teens kinda way. :) 

I really enjoyed the story and I do really like the message.  The idea that balancing life is more about what you can do to improve yourself and help others than it is about helping Karma punish others.  Good thing for teens to learn, methinks.

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