Monday, June 21, 2010

The Inside Story by Michael Buckley

5 stars
The Sisters Grimm Book 8

The library has a Mystery sticker on this.  Weird.


No doubt about it, I think these books rock!  And I'm excited that Boo's getting to be old enough that we could read them together.

This, of course, picks up right where book 7 left off, with Sabrina and Daphne jumping into the Book of Everafter.... where Daphne suddenly is dressed like Dorothy.  I'll let you guess who Sabrina gets to be.

As they wander from story to story, searching for the Master and the "friend" who betrayed them and the person the Master kidnapped.... (I'm NOT giving any of it away!)... they are forced to contend with the Editor, who maintains the Book, his revisers which eat the stories when things go awry, and crazy characters bent on escaping their own stories.  Not to mention the characters desperate to stick to the story to avoid the wrath of the Editor.

Once again, a great installment.  I'm looking forward to Book 9... and it looks like that may be the last one, given that this one ends with the words "to be concluded" rather than "to be continued".  And as much as I love them, that's okay.  You have to come to the end of the story eventually.  :)

Definitely recommended.  Excellent choice for kids, especially girls, but Puck will definitely keep boys entertained.

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