Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Mark by M R Bunderson

5 stars
R-1 maybe, probably not even that

So a few months ago, my friend says "Hey, my cousin's book is coming out, you should read it."  And so I put it on hold thinking, hey, why not.

Then I started seeing it pop up around the blogosphere... and it looked like people were liking it, so I got excited about it.

Then suddenly, it was due back at the library.... so I read it in a day.


Okay, there were a couple of editing issues in the first couple of chapters, but only a couple, luckily.  And there was some melodramatic "I can't live without you" teen romance, but since it actually worked with the story and there were actual reasons for it, I only rolled my eyes once or twice. lol

When Tori meets Eric, she's not sure what to think.  They have strange things in common... which they then realize are also shared with Amanda, a girl Tori goes to school with.  Soon the three of them are deep into a mystery that could change everything.

Totally recommended.  And after you read it, head over to Bunderson's website to check out the deleted scenes!

Counts for my Bookclub, the Support Your Local Library Challenge, AND the Support Your Local Author challenge!!!


  1. Sounds great! Glad you like it.

  2. It was! I'm thinking I should read it again.... :)

  3. A local author I've not heard of! (Adding your review to the list right now...)

  4. I'm not sure I'd have realized she was local if she weren't my friend's cousin. You should read the book!