Thursday, June 3, 2010

May In Review...

How the heck is it June already?  (And why is it still cold?  Okay, so it's finally not too cold, but good grief.)

Books read-- 16 (Go me!!)

Nancy Drew-- 3 read

Take Another Chance--01 read

Support Your Local Library-- 11 read

Support Your Local Authors-- 1 read

Shelf Discovery Challenge-- 0 read (This one is over, I totally bombed it. But, hey, I'll just keep plugging away....)

Reader's Choice-- 2 read (And it's over. As far as the library is concerned, anyway. I'm extending the blog challenge to the end of June!)

Virtual Book Tour books-- 1 this month

Book Club Books-- 0  I haven't read May's book yet...

1 book was a reread....

and 3 were ARCs that have been piling up. :D

Not too shabby.  :D

How was your May?!