Friday, June 4, 2010

Castle in the Air by Dianna Wynne Jones

4 stars

Okay, first off, this should be labelled "sequel" not "companion novel".  You really should read this one BEFORE House of Many Ways.  Things make more sense.

I enjoyed this book.... but I didn't LOVE it until around Chapter 15.  From there to the end, it's totally 5 stars, but that's only about the last third of the book. :)

Now, don't get me wrong, it's a great book all the way through, but it's slower than the other two and so it was a little harder to get through, since I've had a million other things to do this week.  (Not that I've done them all, mind you.)

Abdullah is the focus of this book, and he's from a country far to the south.  When he falls in love with a princess who is then stolen by a djinn, suddenly he finds himself living his daydreams.... and he's not sure that's a good thing!

Really, I think I need to buy all three of these....

I've read and loved Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci books, also, but I've not read many of her others.  What am I missing??  What other titles do I need to check out?!

Counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge.


  1. Try Archer's Goon and the Dark Lord of Derkholm and its sequel. Oh and A Tale of Time City was one of my all time favorites growing up along with Dogsbody.

  2. Awesome. Thanks! I didn't read any of hers as a kid. I don't think I'd even heard of her until I was an adult.

  3. Fire and Hemlock! It's my favourite of hers, and one of my all-time favourite period.

    I liked Castle in the Air, but I didn't love it unreservedly like I do some of her other books either.

  4. Good to know! I'll have to try that one too!

    Yeah, I liked this but it wasn't quite as good as the others.