Monday, June 14, 2010

When I'm NOT Reading...

(it happens, I promise...)

Okay, I'm totally stealing this idea from Natasha at Maw Books, 'cause she's cool.  Check out this "when I'm not reading" post-- totally awesome.

Anyway, lately, when I'm not reading, I'm watching the WORLD CUP!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!

We love soccer.  See, here's Boo at her very first soccer game a couple years ago.
Hehehehe, look how little she is!!  That's nothing, though, look how little Mister was!

Anyway, soccer.  I love soccer.  And I love the World Cup!!  We've watched most of the games so far.... (which is why I'm writing this Sunday night.... Monday morning it'll be GAME TIME!)

Sunday, I had the kids going around the house chanting "Deutschland! Deutschland!" during the game.  (Smashed Australia.  I was starting to feel bad for Australia.)

This morning it's "Nihon! Nihon!"  That would be Japan.  They're so going to get creamed, but oh well. :)

Baby J is getting into the action too.  She was happily staring at the tv during pregame warmups yesterday, but started crying when it cut back to the people talking in studio.  (Don't blame her.... I want the one guy to be quiet too.)

USA and Slovenia Friday!!  I think we're painting faces and wearing patriotic t-shirts.... I'll totally post pictures.  :D

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