Monday, July 12, 2010

The Girl with the White Flag by Tomika Higa

translated from Japanese by Dorothy Britton

4 Stars

An interesting true story-- an autobiography really.  Written by the little girl (all grown up, obviously) in the picture from the surrender of Okinawa.

She wandered around the battlefield alone for a month or more!  It's amazing she survived at all, really.

I had a hard time with the writing... it started out slow.  Not sure if that's really the writing or the translation, but either way.

The thing is, even though I had a harder time with the writing, I'd still recommend the book.  Her story is so fascinating, and it's a side of the war that you don't find as much about, really.

Anyway, it's a pretty quick read, and even has pictures. :)   And like I said, her story is fascinating.

Anyone else read this one?

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