Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Reading Saturdays!-- Progress

Or, a lack thereof, maybe....

I am so not good at this....

So, I decided that this year the kids have to do at least part of each reading session on their own.  Now granted, neither actually reads yet, but it's the concept of reading alone that is what I'm going for.

Largely because Boo keeps going on strike about the whole thing.

Cat the Cat Who is That? is one of Mister's favorite library picks right now.  It's hilarious to listen to him go through it himself singing out "Cat the Cat, Who is that?" on every page.

Anyway, the way things are going, I'm having to keep a constant tally in my head of how long we've read to each child vs how long the child has "read" by themselves.  It's exhausting. ;)

Here's where we stand thus far--
Hubby, 3 books down.  He's reading his fourth and he's done at least one free choice.
Me, I'm done.  It's only 8 books after all.
Boo, 10/30
Mister, 6/30

Mister would have more, but he fell asleep while we were reading.  lol

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