Friday, July 9, 2010

Haunt Me Still by Jennifer Lee Carrell

5 Stars
R- 2.5 or so
Dark-- witchraft type stuff, etc
Sequel to Interred With Their Bones

Okay, I seriously need to reread Macbeth.  Holy cow.

Kate Stanley is back, and this time she's set to direct Macbeth.... when the curse seems to start spilling over into everything.  (And there is, of course, the requisite lack of relationship with Ben, because if they end up together in the first book, they naturally must have a falling out between it and the sequel.  Sigh.)

You didn't know about the play being cursed?  Me neither.  Apparently I didn't hang out enough with my theater friends in high school.

But what if the curse is more than a silly theater superstition?  What if there's more to the story?  What if the scenes we have today are not quite what Shakespeare had written originally?

This book explores all those questions and more.

I do think this one was a little darker, but it's been a while since I read the first one, so I could be wrong.  It does delve into "witchcraft", black magic, old Celtic paganism, etc.  Including human sacrifice.

Really interesting, though.  I didn't quite get ahead of the twists and turns. :)

Definitely recommended!
But you might want to read Macbeth first! lol

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