Saturday, August 21, 2010

City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems

5 stars!
Picture Book

Okay, this book firmly cements my belief that Mo Willems is a genius!  To be able to do something so different so well.... amazing.

Because this is very different from his other books.

The text is still minimalistic, but rather than illustrating this book himself, Willems teamed up with Jon J Muth, who created beautiful watercolors!  They are gorgeous.

The story is sweet and poignant.  There's a lot that probably goes over a child's head, but both my kids still absolutely LOVE and ADORE this book!!

Very highly recommended!  Whether you have children or not, you must read this book!

(And it totally fits the theme this week-- you've got the relationship between the dog and the frog and then the loss of the frog, and then the continuation of the cycle with the chipmunk.... totally symbolic of reincarnation!  Or not, lol.  I've just got reincarnation on the brain after reading all 3 of those books in just a few days!)