Monday, August 9, 2010

July in Review

Yeah, we're almost halfway through August.  How that happened, I don't have any idea.  But I hadn't posted my month in review yet, so here we go.

Books read-- 18 (2 being super short kids books, and 1 was a DNF but hey.)

Nancy Drew-- Not a single one this month!  Weird!!
Take Another Chance-- 0 read again.... sigh
Support Your Local Library-- 18 read
Support Your Local Authors-- 0 read
Shelf Discovery Challenge-- 0 read (This one is over, I totally bombed it. But, hey, I'll just keep plugging away.... sort of... kind of... maybe.)
Reader's Choice-- 12 read!! (Well, one was my DNF, but still, it's checked off the list.)
Virtual Book Tour books-- 0 this month
Book Club Books-- 1, but there's still one I haven't read... from May I think...
I am almost to 75 books for the Support Your Local Library challenge!!!  Woohoo!!

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