Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off Topic-- How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

Boo gives this book 24 stars  :)

Okay, I know I usually don't post picture books except on Saturdays, but we JUST read this, and it could possibly be one of the cutest picture books of ALL TIME!

EVERYONE should read this book.  Seriously, it's that cute.

If you have (or know) a child learning to read (really any child from preschool to 2nd or 3rd grade) then this book is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!

Go read it.  Like right now.



  1. I'm linking to this post from mine tomorrow, because we finally read the Rocket book. :)

  2. Did you absolutely love it?! We are still really loving it... I think we're reading it at least once a day! Probably better buy it.... :)

  3. Just found you from Infant Bibliophile's link. We loved this book--my son wanted to know whether there were more Rocket books for him to read.

  4. Oh that would be awesome-- my kids would love more Rocket books!!

  5. With two kiddos with such excellent taste recommending this, we'll have to have a look.

    P.S. Love Boo's handle. :)

  6. Definitely check it out!

    (We've been calling her Boo for forever... didn't make the Monster's Inc connection until we were at Disneyland and saw a "Boo" pin. lol)

  7. LOL. I still hadn't made the Monster's Inc connection. Whoops.

  8. LOL! Yeah, kind of a... Oh... duh... moment. ;)

    (We totally bought her the pin.)