Monday, October 18, 2010

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert

4 stars
R- 1.5

When I heard about this one, the start of a new series, by Susan Wittig Albert, I was excited.  I love her Victorian mystery series (written with her husband under the name Robin Paige) and I love the Beatrix Potter series.

But then I put off reading it.  It's new characters.  I'm not invested in them yet.  It kept getting buried by other things.... Until the night before it had to go back to the library.  And wasn't renewable.

I started it with the same trepidation-- new characters that I don't "know", a time period I'm not as interested in (1930s), plus the title, which always tangles my tongue.

But I quickly got lost in Albert's quaint conversational style, the interesting and entertaining ladies that make up the Dahlias.  And then, when the book plunges into mystery, I was hooked.

If you like Albert's other series or cozy mysteries in general, you should give this one a try.  Unlike the Beatrix Potter mysteries, this one IS a murder mystery, but it's not gruesome.

Counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge.

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