Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday with Boo and Mister-- An "In Our Mailbox" Review

It's a Pinkalicious Extravaganza!!

First up, we have Pinkalicious: Pink around the Rink
(Copy provided for review by the publisher)

Boo says- 5 stars
Mommy says- 5 stars

Boo's favorite part- the pink swirlies [on the ice]
Mommy's favorite- I confess I liked the swirls on the ice too

A cute story-- Pinkalicious colors her boring white ice skates with a pink marker (I really hope this didn't give my children any ideas.... It's my one dislike on this book.) and then goes ice skating, which doesn't go as gracefully as she thought it would.  As a result the ice is turning pink, the skates are drippy and messy and Pinkalicious is sad.  With her daddy's help, she gets back up and tries again. 
And next we have: Pinkalicious: The Perfectly Pink Collection\
(Also provided by the publisher for review)

Boo says 5 stars
Mommy says 5 stars

Boo's favorite- all the pink stuff on the outside of the box and the crayons.
Mommy's favorite- pretty much all of it.  This is an awesome set.

So, this set comes with:
A poster you can color
Three double-sided crayons (three of those sides are pink)
Two sheets of stickers
Three Pinkalicious books- Tickled Pink, The Pink Drink and School Rules

And it's $10 on Amazon.  That's pretty dang cool. 

Anyway, the box it all comes in is also pretty cool.  It opens like a book.  Boo loves it.

If there's a little girl on your Christmas shopping list, I don't think you could go wrong with this one!

Hmm.... maybe Baby J could be Pinkalicious for Halloween.... we've been searching for the PERFECT costume.  (Okay, Boo's been searching.  She'll be quite scandalized if Baby J doesn't dress up as something other than a baby.)

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