Friday, October 15, 2010

A False Dawn by Tom Lowe

3 stars
R- 1?  For all the talk of sex slaves and rape, there's really no sex in it.

I wanted to really love this, but I couldn't quite get into it.  The narrative jumps around too much for me.  I had a hard time keeping up at times.

And seriously-- I know that back copy description stuff is sometimes finished before the book is, but can't they go back and edit it so that there aren't a bunch of things in the description that don't happen in the book?!  Grrrrr.  That's annoying.

It's not a bad thriller, even if it needed better editing.

I seriously just finished it, though, and I can't think of much to say about it other than what I've already said.  Hmm...

Maybe that says more about the book than anything else.

Counts for the Reader's Choice and Support Your Local Library challenges.


  1. Shame. Hate it when a book disappoints.

  2. Yeah it was a bummer. I wanted to like it.