Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday with Boo and Mister-- An "In Our Mailbox" Review

Rescue Bunnies by Doreen Cronin
Copy provided for review by the publisher

Boo says- 5 stars
Mister says- 5 stars

Mommy says- 3 stars  (Daddy says please don't make me read it again.)

Boo's favorite part- the whole thing.
Mister's favorite part- all the bunnies.

So, I was really excited about this one-- I LOVE the author!  But the book was just okay for me.  The random movie quotes are kind of cute, but weird.  They don't always fit in and they got old for me. 

After quickly reading through it, I figured maybe we'd donate it or something.  BUT the kids loved it.  They thought it was great and funny and cute.  Mister wanted to read it again just minutes later.  So I've been out-voted.  :)  It stays.

It is kinda cute-- Newbie, the trainee rescue bunny, is the main character.  They have to go rescue a giraffe that is stuck in the mud.  But there are hyenas coming, so they might have to evacuate and leave the giraffe behind.  Newbie doesn't like that idea.

(Amusing side-note-- a week or so after our own evacuation, Boo and a friend were playing "evacuate".  They loaded up the wagon and were headed to the "beach" because the fire would go out when it "dipped into the water".)

Anyway, I'd say little kids will like it, especially little kids who are really into fire trucks and fire fighters and such.


  1. Our little guy really likes it too, which I also thought was funny because the movie quotes really are sort of random and nonsensical if you don't know them.

  2. Sometimes I guess you just have to shrug about what they like. Kids these days. ;)