Thursday, October 7, 2010

Untraceable by Laura Griffin

4 stars
R- 3.5

An interesting mystery where things aren't quite what they seem.

Private investigator Alex Lovell is in trouble, well, she thinks a client is in trouble, and Nathan Devereaux is the only person she can think of to turn to for help.

But does he even believe that something is wrong?

I read this in one sitting.  Literally.  I started it around 10:30 at night and didn't surface until nearly 3 in the morning!  So hadn't planned on being up that late, but hey.

Part mystery and intrigue with a fairly large heaping of romance, this book has no really good stopping places.  :)

I'm now looking forward to getting the sequel.  It's already out.  Love that. 

See, there it is.  Unspeakable.

Only Troy was in the snippet (he's a minor character from Untraceable) but I'm hoping Alex and Nathan show up quickly!  Not that Troy's not entertaining.  The true crime author provides much entertainment.  But I'll miss the other two if they don't pop up.

Good mystery, some steamy romance.  All in all, I liked it.

Counts for the Reader's Choice and Support Your Local Library challenges.

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