Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique

An "In our Mailbox" review with Boo and Mister

Boo says- 5 stars
Mister says- that is for girls (sigh)
Mommy says- 5 stars

Boo liked the end the best- when Fancy Nancy gets the fan she wanted.
Mister didn't really pay attention to the book.

Mommy liked JoJo's birthday party.

This adorable book showed up the other day for review from the publisher and we loved it!  Another FABULOUS installation of Fancy Nancy. 

When Fancy Nancy wants to buy a fan, she decides to have a boutique to earn money (since she spent hers on her sister's birthday present) but when one of the necklaces she sells turns out to be what her sister wants, Fancy Nancy must decide what to do!  If she gets the necklace back, she won't have enough to buy her fan, but if she doesn't will her little sister be disappointed on her birthday?

Definitely a must read for any and all who love the series!  (Especially those with sisters.)


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