Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Are The Best Medicine by Julie Aigner Clark

Illustrated by Jana Christy

Copy received from the publisher for review

This is a sweet story with adorable illustrations.

BUT it is very very circumstance-specific.  I actually did not read this one with my kids because of that.

This is a book about Mommy having cancer.  It talks so specifically about cancer and chemo treatments and such that I cannot see any other reason you would read it to a child.

Now, if you have cancer or know a family where the mother has cancer, this book is FABULOUS.  It is a very very cute and sweet story about how her little girl is the best medicine she could ask for.  I would highly recommend it.

And a portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research, which is cool.

Outside of that situation, though, I probably wouldn't read it to kids.  It is sweet, but it is in some ways unbearably sad and it's not something my children would understand or need to understand right now.

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