Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patricia Wrede and Our Grand Experiment

Plus NaNoWriMo and other things stuck in my head.

In just about a week, I have reread all four books of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles... and all three of the Sorcery and Cecilia books. (The two shown are my favorites of the two series.)  Not just because I love them, which I do, but also because it's NaNoWriMo and when I'm stuck there is nothing better than Patricia Wrede. 

Of course, now the problem is I've run out of the ones I'm familiar with, which means I need to find more Patricia Wrede books to read.  (If you've got a favorite, let me know!!)

Now, you may be thinking that NaNoWriMo is the Grand Experiment, but it's not.  I mean it is one, but it's not the one mentioned in the title of this post.  No, the one I'm talking about is-- Reading Dealing with Dragons to Boo.  It's our first attempt at a book that can't be read in a sitting.  (Well, okay, I can read it in a sitting, but not out loud with a child.)

We read 3 chapters yesterday, which took about an hour since I kept stopping to ask questions.  Had to make sure she was actually paying attention and not sleeping or something.  It'll be interesting to see how well she keeps up with a story spread over several days.

As for other things stuck in my head, I'm sad Numb3rs isn't back this season.... but as much as I love NCIS I'm thinking they should have cancelled it instead.... they're running out of reasonable storylines.

I want more Burn Notice, but I'm not caught up, so I refuse to watch the new episodes that are starting up again.

If the library doesn't get Fringe in soon, I may scream.  The main character drives me absolutely batty, but the premise is so darn interesting.

Anyway, with all that stuck in my head, my blogging is spacey.  :)

How is your November going?

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