Monday, December 27, 2010

Spy Glass by Maria V Snyder

5 Stars
R- 3
Third Glass book

While it's no secret I love these books, I must admit some trepidation with this one.  It's the end of the trilogy.  The love triangle was going to have to be resolved (and I while I didn't think that was going the other way, I wasn't positive) and as far as I know, there are no more books planned for the series right now.

So it's bittersweet.

And it sat in my pile for.... well, a long time.

But I finally picked it up and was immediately swept into the world of Sitia and Ixia, Opal and Yelena.  And Valek.  Oh, how I've missed Valek.  I was excited to see a lot of him in this one.

Oh, and the whole love triangle thing?  Yeah, totally went the other way.  Didn't really see that coming, even though I was nervous it might.  Didn't really think it was going to.  But by then I had changed my mind about who I liked better.  I liked the resolution in the end.  (For the record-- I still hate love triangles.)

And while there don't seem to be anymore planned books, the ending definitely leaves it open.  Totally open.  I'd LOVE more books about Opal and her family.  (Hint, hint, nudge nudge, if you're reading this Maria.)

Alas, I don't think it was enough of a Valek fix... I think I need to reread the first trilogy.  :D

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