Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Year in Review

Since I skipped a couple of month-in-review posts, here's a quick summary--

November-- 13 books read, 7 were rereads and 3 were Nancy Drews... 1 VBT and 7 were library books

December-- 15 books read, 7 were Nancy Drews, 13 library and 2 received for review

So, here's a look back at the year 2010, by the numbers:

152- the number of books I read
+  2- that I sort of read
+  1- which I totally didn't get past like 30 pages in
155 books

120- the number of library books
+10- the number of books/ARCs for review (that's read, not received)
+11- the number of Virtual Book Tour books
19- The approximate number of books that were ones I own (not including received for review) (yeah, okay, I skipped some of the math.... never was good at showing all my work)

6- the number of Book Group books I actually read.... this isn't as bad as it seems, there were only 8  I still haven't gotten to the other 2

11- number of books that were rereads

Now let's review the challenges I participated in (or didn't, whichever)

Support Your Local Library-- 120 books!!  Woohoo!  That's 20 over my goal!  I plan to shoot for over 100 again this year.

Nancy Drew Challenge-- 32/56  Could be worse.  I've read one more since.  I plan to finish this up in the next couple months

Take Another Chance Challenge-- Let's face it, I bombed.  I read 2 whole books.  Oh well.

Shelf Discovery-- 2 again.  Yup, I suck at this whole challenge thing.

Support Your Local Authors-- 11 which isn't too bad, but with soooooo many amazing authors here it's shameful, really.  I WILL do better this year.

Reader's Choice Challenge-- 34  Not bad, but not amazing.  I did really well the second round after not doing too well the first round.  This year will be better!

My only other goals for the year-- DO NOT join a bunch of challenges! lol
And keep better track of books/ARCs received for review...

Anybody have a good system for that?  My "throw them on a shelf" technique leaves much to be desired. :D


  1. My throw them in a bag system probably wouldn't be much better.

    Good job on your challenges! My goal is not to join too many this year either.

  2. lol
    Yeah, not much different from my shelf technique.

    You know, I think half the challenges I joined last year I saw on your blog, so it's all your fault. ;)