Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alexander Drake's Extraordinary Pursuit by Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows

3 stars
ebook provided for review through Virtual Book Tours

Not a bad little story.  I wish I'd gotten a paperback instead of a pdf so Boo could read it.  Amazon only has the Kindle version, though, so maybe it's only available digitally.

Writing is a little simplistic, but I think that's mostly because it's aimed at a younger audience.  I would put the target age range at 6-10.  Boys should like this one.

The main character is a misunderstood 11-year-old boy who suddenly discovers that there's far more to his family's past than he'd ever dreamed.  Soon he's on a wild journey through a magical land with a Hopper as a guide.  (Don't call him a frog.)

MAJOR cliffhanger ending, so be warned.  This one is in some ways just a set-up for the series.  Not sure how many are planned.

If you have a child the right age and a Kindle (or equivalent), probably a good one to try out!

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