Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Review

Since I haven't posted a month in review since life went all crazy on me, I figure we'll just call this a several month review.  Or something.

Dang, I don't even remember the last month I recapped... I think March.

So April... 5 whole books.  Wow.  Lame.

But not as lame as May, when I read 1 book and it was a Nancy Drew.  Finished up the Nancy Drew challenge with that one.

June- 5 books again, plus a DNF.

July was a much better month all around.  I did have 2 DNFs (really unusual for me) but I read a lot.
16 books for July.

Total books this year so far (not including DNFs)- 81
Total DNFs- 3
Total library books- 51
Total local author books- 2
Total book club books- 3
Total Virtual Book Tours- 7
Total Tribute book tours- 3
Total other books received for review (read)- 6 +3 DNF
Total books received for review so far this year- 60

So now I think we're back on track.  Hopefully. :)

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