Monday, August 1, 2011

Soldier of Rome: The Legionary by James Mace

1 star
R- 3
Language, VIOLENCE
Book received from author through Virtual Book Tours

Okay, I HATE gender stereotyping books, but this is REALLY really a guy's book. 

And I am just not a guy.

While I enjoy military stories, I find I'm just not that interested in the day-to-day details.  And the violence was too much for me, really.  I couldn't get behind the whole vengeance campaign concept.  And the main character kind of never got over that. 

(And the whole story needed tightening, but that's an editing gripe.)

Bottom line-- this book didn't work for me.

But, I think military men very well may like it.  Since it was written by one, I'm sure the barrack camaraderie rings true, it was just a little crude for my taste.  (Let's face it, women don't do that kind of bantering, lol.)

As for me, I'll go back to getting my Roman history fix from textbooks probably.  :)

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