Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Num8ers: The Cha0s by Rachel Ward

4 stars
R- 1.5
Sequel to Num8ers

Possibly even darker than the first book, in a dystopian kind of way.  I enjoyed it, though.

It takes place about 15-16 years after the first book and half the narration is Jem's son Adam.  The other half is a new character- a girl named Sarah who keeps seeing Adam in her nightmares, even before they meet.

Overall, very interesting.  Recommended, but you really need to read Num8ers first.

There will be a third book too, following Adam and Sarah and Mia a couple years after Cha0s, but I'm not loving where it looks like it's going, so I'm not sure if I'll read it.

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