Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book of Enchantments by Patricia C Wrede

4 stars

I always love Patricia Wrede's books, but I had forgotten how little this volume of short stories is actually connected to the Enchanted Forest series.  I really wish they'd done a volume entirely of Enchanted Forest stories, but only 2 of the 10 in here are connected and only 1 has familiar characters.

While I enjoy the other stories, I had a much harder time with several of them this time.  They're not all the same age level thematically or in tone.  A good 6 of them are fairly dark.  Which is fine, except I was reading this with Boo, to kind of "finish up" reading the Enchanted Forest series.  We skipped 6 stories because they'd have been either boring or scary or both.  (And I had to slightly edit a 7th as we read it.)

(I read all of them... it'd been years since I'd read them and I was trying to figure out which ones I felt comfortable reading to Boo.)

I wish they'd done a book of Enchanted Forest stories and put the others in a different collection for an older audience.

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