Monday, September 12, 2011

Trees Cry for Rain by Jeri Fink

4 stars
R- 2
Copy provided for review through Virtual Book Tours

Gilgul neshamot-- the cycling of souls.

Similar in concept to Catriona, this book blends past and present and characters seek to understand how they are connected.

The biggest difference is that in Trees we're looking at many characters.

I found the concept wonderful and the execution pretty good.  (My copy is a proof, so there are several editing and formatting errors that I assume/hope were corrected in the final printing.)

My only complaint, really, is that I wanted more of each story.  What happened to Zara later in her life?  What did they find in Spain?  And what on earth was going on in the trashy novel Shira was writing?!

Overall, a really interesting book, with mysticism connecting the expulsion of Jews from Spain and Portugal to 4 seemingly unrelated strangers in a park.

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