Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay

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5 stars
R- 2

Heartbreaking and beautiful-- I enjoyed this one so much more than I expected.

The cover still freaks me out a little, though.  It looks like her head is turned around backward.  Freaky.

The past intruding on the future and tryinng to make things right seem to be the themes of my reading lately.  Though there's no reincarnation in this one, memories force Nina, a former Soviet ballerina, to reevaluate why she left her homeland, who hurt her and whom she hurt.

Interestingly, the present-day passages are written in past-tense while the past passages are in present-tense.  It makes for a different narrative flow, but I found that I liked it.

I also really liked the characters.  And while some mysteries remain unsolved, you feel like there's resolution for everyone involved (in the present).

Anyway, a melancholy book, but recommended.

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