Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

5 stars

Okay, possibly the screwiest book I have ever given 5 stars to....

(Oh wait, did I give 5 stars to How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe? Then this is the second screwiest.  Oh, nope, I gave that 4 stars.  So this is it.)


It probably belongs in that vague paranormal-ish-but-not-really genre where The Kitchen Daughter and anything by Sarah Addison Allen resides.  Maybe.  I think.

I actually did not love this book at first-- maybe simply because I could NOT freaking figure out where it was going.  (I kind of had the same problem with The Kitchen Daughter.)

And in some ways, even having finished it, I'm still not sure.

It defies... well, it doesn't defy description, but there is absolutely no way to really describe or explain without MAJOR SERIOUS SPOILERS and you know I hate those.

So just go read it.

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