Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rebecca Toone Read-A-Thon TOMORROW

Wanted to pass on this Read-A-Thon message from a friend of mine:

"Friday is the Read-a-Thon in honor of my niece, Rebecca Toone! She loved books and would have turned 7 on Friday! In honor of her please read a book to your children or just read a book yourself! We miss her and her little sister, Rachel, so much! Invite your friends! We want LOTS of people to participate! Please show her family they will never be forgotten!"

Rebecca and her sister passed away a couple of years ago when a toxic pesticide pellets were planted in their yard by a technician from an extermination company.  (If you're in UT you may remember the story.)

More info on Facebook- Read-a-thon even page.

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