Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Ice Dragon by George R R Martin

4 stars

This is a reread for me, but I grabbed it because it was the only book in the car, lol.

George R R Martin is possibly my husband's FAVORITE writer, so years ago when we found out he had a book out for kids, hubby insisted I read it.  And I enjoyed it.

The funny thing is, HE didn't read it.  lol

So when we checked it out for Boo recently, it seemed like a good idea for everybody to read it.  (Well, Boo, hubby and me.)

And once again, I enjoyed it. :)

(Hubby wanted there to be more to it, but it's a really short JF and there's just not as much depth to them... he just doesn't read them enough to be used to that.)

Boo also enjoyed it, which is a plus since it's like pulling teeth to get her to read anything new.  Crazy child.

Overall, recommended!

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