Monday, October 29, 2012

Confession Time

I have not read anything longer than a picture book since mid-September.

I know, totally screwy.

I have, however, made approximately 600,180,800,683 crocheted hats.

Okay, maybe not quite that many.

But a whole bunch.

I've also learned that my children have freakishly large heads.  Not that I didn't already know this, but Mister's head is only MAYBE half a centimeter smaller than MINE.  Weirdness.

I do, however, have a whole bunch of picture books to review.  Since that's all I'm reading.

Maybe I'll get Boo to write some guest reviews.... :)  She recently read Alice in Wonderland and started The Sword in the Stone, though she's having some trouble getting through that one.

The stomach virus from hades came through here last week.  Let me tell you how fun THAT was at 8 months pregnant.

45 more days..........


  1.! :) I hope everyone is better there.

  2. Thanks, Suey! Everyone seems fully recovered- *crossing fingers*.