Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Reading

Or lack thereof, in my case.

But Boo-- Boo read a lot.

Like EVERY SINGLE MAGIC TREE HOUSE BOOK.  Well, every single one she could get her hands on at any rate.

They are too short, I tell you.  One week I checked out 15 for her on Tuesday and they were ready to go back on Thursday.  Keep in mind that she is in school for 7 ish hours a day AND needs a solid 12 hours of sleep.  Doesn't leave a ton of time for other things, and yet she read 15 books in two days!

She also just finished Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin (it's being called a companion novel to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, which might be a stretch, but definitely similar style).  Boo loved it so much she may mutiny if I don't read it soon.  Like today.

She's partway through both The Candy Bomber and The Sword in the Stone, but having a tougher time with those, which is totally understandable.

In addition to these, I have a stack of books that I feel the need to read through before letting her read them.... which isn't happening super quickly unfortunately.  This pile includes The Upstairs Room and The Dark Is Rising series.

What are your kids reading?  Any good holiday chapter books I should put on hold for her?

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