Friday, April 12, 2013

Because I Said So by Ken Jennings

4 stars
R- 2 (I know, it's not fiction, but some of the topics/"myths" fall under this category)

This book was hilarious.

I loved it.

Until the end... the last section covered some "I wish he hadn't gone there" subjects... and I really struggled with how to review it for that reason.

Here's the thing:
I'm LDS.  He's LDS.

But when you write, do you only write according to your personal belief system?  Or do you cover broader things since it's for a broader audience.

(And really, I have no idea if he's a practicing Mormon or what.  And it's not my place to judge any of that.  But parts of the book did make me uncomfortable... and knowing he was raised with the same religious background I was made it more uncomfortable, if that makes sense.)

Overall, I really did enjoy the book.  There is some language (which also made me uncomfortable, see above) and some touchier subjects, but it's a very amusing Mythbusters-esque look at the things we tell our kids.

Here's a great quote:

"It takes about 6 cups of well-chewed apple seeds to take out a kid, but I'm still inclined to call this factoid "mostly true", because it turns out that people are stupid."


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