Thursday, April 11, 2013

Star Risk, Ltd. by Chris Bunch

4 stars
R- 1.5

So this quirky sci-fi is recommended for fans of Firefly.  :)

Similar set up... they'll do most anything if you've got the money... but it's more security/mercenary than smuggling.

My husband has been bugging me to read this for years... and I enjoyed it.  Maybe not as much as he did, but it was fun.

I didn't think it was quite as funny as Firefly, but it kept getting funnier as the book went on.

I haven't decided about the rest of the series... It's not the kind of thing I read much of anymore, but I do want to follow the characters on more adventures, so I may have to pick them up.

(Hey, this is a book I OWN!  Remember my challenge about reading books I own?  Well, here's one at least.)

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