Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's That Time Again!!

It's back-- Summer Reading Saturdays!!

Today marks the kick-off of our library's summer reading program and we are super excited!!

We've got big goals this month--

Boo's goal: 150 hours.  That's 50 hours per month.  I think she'll pass that actually, but we'll see.

Mister: 60 hours.  That's 20 per month and that's pretty ambitious, but he's starting to read more and more on his own so I think he can do it.

MeiMei: 10 hours.  I know, it's a huge drop from the others, but since she's not reading on her own at all (okay, we'll probably count listening to books on tape, but still) I think we're going to try to be reasonable.

LuLu: um... yeah.  She's less than a year old.  I don't think we're going to set a goal beyond actually reading to her.  lol

As for me... I don't know what my goal is.  I'm trying to read something I own at least every 4th book... and I need to catch up on my goal for the year, so I guess that's my goal.  Catch up on the 20-some-odd books I'm behind.

What are YOUR summer reading goals?

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