Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Meet Mister

So this is Mister:
(and Boo, really)

Well, okay, that's a while ago now...

 (Man they grow up fast)

Mister is headed for kindergarten at the end of the summer.

Watching him learn to read has been interesting, because he's so different from Boo.  And while he's got his daddy's head for numbers, he's also picked up reading like it's no problem at all.

Mister loves:
the Elephant and Piggie books
books about Pokemon
Who's on First?

And lots and lots of other books.

His first foray into chapter books was the Epic junior novel that we received for review.  Not bad for a pre-k kid. :)

What are your BEST titles for a kindergarten-headed boy?  We'll need lots of ideas to make his ambitious reading goal.

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