Monday, July 8, 2013

Verse In Arabic by Birgitte Rasine

4 stars

Copy received for review

Fascinating novella.

Be warned that there is NO RESOLUTION WHATSOEVER.  None.  Zero.  Nada.

And normally that drives me beyond all batty.

But somehow, it's okay.  It works.  It's so well-written that you don't mind.

Well, okay, maybe you mind a little.

But it works.

Bottom line: read it.

From GoodReads: (In case you're curious)
Can a patient's silence kill the doctor?

A respected physician in Cordoba, Spain, receives a mysterious phone call—a request to attend to the ailing daughter of a wealthy but secretive family in Madrid. What seems to be a routine house call quickly turns into a disturbing labyrinth of intrigue and mystery, and a fight for the girl’s life. The outcome of that battle will impact the doctor—and the journalist interviewing him—in ways neither imagined.

Set against the unstable political climate of General Franco’s Spain in the 1940’s and based on a bizarre real-life incident that remains unsolved to this day, “Verse in Arabic” twists medical ethics and psychosocial tyranny into a cord that pulls at your heart from both ends.

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