Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Reading Summary

Or should that be "summer-y"?

Boo: 126 hours for the summer.  Now, I will say that that may be lower than truth.  It's actually really hard to keep track of how much they read when they read all the time.
Favorite books of the summer?  She says she doesn't know.  Okay, no she says it's the Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy books.  That she read Saturday.

Geronimo Stilton has been very popular at my house this summer.

Mister: 64 hours.  Again, hard to say that's completely accurate, especially because he's the only morning person in the house and so he does his own thing for a while before anyone else is up.
Favorite books?  He's reading a lot of Geronimo Stilton, some Boxcar Children, and various super hero short chapter books.

MeiMei:  I have not kept any track at all.  None.  She has "read" some everyday and asks me every night if she can read in the morning.
Favorite books?  Um... hard to gauge.  Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep and It's Me remain high on the list, of course.  We also have several "back to school" titles in our book crate right now.  I'll review those later this week, I hope.

LuLu: Yeah, she just eats them.  Loves them, but isn't kind to them.  She'll figure it out.

How was your summer reading?  What's changed with school back in session?  Boo is actually reading MORE now.  She's read a ton in the last week or so.

Me:  Sigh.  I've read quite a bit, 3 books over the weekend, for example, but I'm still 20 or so books behind.  I need to either read faster, stop watching Sherlock, or read shorter books.

I'm not giving up Sherlock. ;)

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