Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts

5 stars

I really loved this book about integration.

Kizzy is going to be one of the first black kids to attend the white school.  Her teacher tells her to write to the woman who will be her new teacher, and so she does, because EVERYBODY does what that teacher says. :)

I loved the format-- nearly the entire book is Kizzy's letters.  You have to infer what the teacher says in response until the very end, when one letter from the teacher is included.

Great story about integration, being yourself, and learning how to shine.

Boo's review:
5 stars

Basically it's a collection of letters she wrote to her teacher.  It was back when white people could still treat black people badly.  There were other black kids in her class-- she used to go to a black school, but they could be in the white school now.

[Mommy note:  Boo got really in to black history last school year, so I was hoping she'd like this one.]

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